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Just a tip on boutonniere’s….

A boutonniere is always a nice touch for the groom, best man, groomsmen…and of course a nice way to recognize the special men in your life such a dad, grandpa, etc. A boutonniere will always look best on a jacket lapel. A lapel is strong enough to hold up the boutonniere to prevent “floppy-ness”. I always joke with my grooms that a boutonniere pinned to a shirt reminds me of jr. high dances – remember when the boys would give the girls corsages? Do kids even still do that?? So cute to remember those days…

I digress…=) Anyway, if the men in the bridal party will not be wearing jackets, you may want to skip boutonnieres all together. It will make for a cleaner look in the photos. If it means a lot to you to have them, be sure to inform your wedding planner that the men will not be wearing jackets. This way we can let the florist know and they will make sure to make the boutonnieres either smaller in size or with lighter flowers.

Adorable favor idea…

I am a favor nerd, I will totally admit it. Cake and favors are the two things I totally look forward to when I attend a wedding. Which is probably not what a lot of brides want to hear since the big trends lately have drifted to dessert tables instead of cakes and charity donationsContinue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are a reader of my blog, if probably means you have already found your Prince (or Princess) Charming. In many cases for you readers, this is your last “single” Valentine’s Day – this time next year, you’ll be married! So celebrate today. Whether you are going out to a fancy dinner with champagneContinue Reading

Congratulations Maddie & Corey!

My very best friend from college was married here on St. Thomas this past Friday. It was absolutely beautiful! I had so much fun planning for her and her guests but I’m looking forward to her reception back in Indiana this spring where all I have to do is party!


Look at that smile on his face and that little smirk on hers. Just amazing the love you feel on your wedding day (and every day after, of course). Psst…click on the photo to make it larger.