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I want a redo!

And I want to redo it in this dress! I just love the style of this dress my bride wore last week at her wedding on Trunk Bay, St. John. The mermaid style, the detail around the chest…just gorgeous and totally my style. She looked amazing! Her make-up and hair was done by Sugar & Spice, I love what a great job they did.

Here is the bride with her sister – having two daughters myself, this just warms my heart and I love how one is brunette and one is blonde. I currently have two little blondies and it makes me excited to see how they will grow and change into women – how they will look so similar and yet different at the same time. Ah…sisters…they are the best!

And look how amazing Trunk Bay was for her photos. I can’t wait to see the professional photos taken by Alain at Blue Glass Photography. He showed me a few on his camera and they were just gorgeous. You can see him & Mike at High Definition Video busy a work.


Absolutely beautiful wedding – Trunk Bay is just magical!

"Wave" of Love…

I am so behind on my blogging – I’ve had some absolutely beautiful weddings this week that I am so excited to share. But, it’s getting late and I’m getting way too tired. For now, I’m just going to post this picture from my wedding this morning – look at that wave in the background!!Continue Reading

My new ice buckets…

A lot of brides decide to provide iced bottled waters to their guests, especially during daytime weddings when it can get a little hot in the islands. I used to have these galvanized buckets from my own wedding that I would use to hold the bottles in… A few months ago, my husband was helpingContinue Reading

Save The Dates!

I’m so glad wasn’t around when I was planning my wedding in 2005. I’m so addicted to buying things there for my two young daughters, I can’t even imagine how much stuff I would have bought for my wedding! Out of curiosity today, I jumped over to the wedding section and typed in BEACH.Continue Reading

Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay on St. John is a wonderful location for a ceremony. I can not wait to get the professional photos to share with everyone. This bride added a lot of personal touches. I love the fabric used on the arch – so colorful! And her reception was just outstanding. Held on the deck ofContinue Reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Emerald


Every once in awhile…

I have a groom that tries to escape. Don’t worry ladies. Part of my coordination fee goes towards dragging their butts back to shore…

Sorry Disposable Camera Industry

I know you’re not going to appreciate this post. But these days, I just don’t see your relevance anymore. Everyone owns a digital camera and almost everyone knows how to upload their images to the internet. I just feel that the days of leaving a disposable camera on the reception tables are long gone. ButContinue Reading

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Island Bliss Weddings is! Become a fan! And just for fun, check out this hilarious video clip. If you’ve been a member of Facebook for awhile, you will definitely get this.