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You decide….

We had some uninvited guests for our wedding on Hawksnest Beach on Wednesday.

Which would you rather ride to your wedding in/on?? The Bliss-mobile (as my husband likes to call it) or a pack of donkeys??

The donkeys would make for better photos though.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Five blissful years of happiness with my wonderful husband! We were married 5 years ago, on May 28th, 2005. Pictures by Paradise Pictures, ceremony & reception at Oceana. I can’t believe we are already at five years! Two beautiful kids later, a wonderful wedding business, life just couldn’t be better! I had just gotten intoContinue Reading


This week has been BANANAS! Seriously NUTS! So sorry for the lack of blog posts but this has been our busiest wedding season to date – I love it! I’m much rather be busy than bored. I know that there are some of you out there waiting for an email, just wanted to let youContinue Reading

Water Island Wedding!

Nicole and Pat were married on Water Island on April 21st. I was so bummed to miss it, I had a wedding to coordinate on St. John that evening, so I sent two assistant wedding coordinators and Stuart to officiate and oversee everything. Nicole shared with me her “teaser slideshow” from her photographer, the talentedContinue Reading

Changing my mind about runners…

I normally do NOT like runners on a beach AT ALL. Most runners are made for a church wedding and are not very wide – just to go down the center of an aisle, not all the way to the edge. So when put on the beach, this is barely enough room for the brideContinue Reading

More fun with rum!

As promised… Cruzan Rum is locally made here in the Virgin Islands, which makes it a perfect “local favor”. It comes in many different flavors (my favorite is the coconut flavor – mix it with Coke and it tastes like a suntan!). Jenny & Eric were married last night on Magen’s Bay They then movedContinue Reading

Spicy Favors!

Heading to bed after an awesome welcome party at Iggies tonight, but was just going through some pictures from last week and wanted to share this favor that our bride gave out to her guests. This was from our Rhumblines wedding on St. John. Look how cute these little straw bags are: And inside? AContinue Reading

Jana, I hope you don’t mind…

I just had to share this photo of you and your best friend on your wedding day. Jana fiance surprised her by flying down her very best friend to share their wedding day with them. Jana’s friend cried throughout the whole ceremony, it was so sweet. It made me miss my own best friend Maddie,Continue Reading