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Flying Flowers

We do a lot of our weddings at Lindquist Beach and there can be a good breeze there. There is nothing worse then putting down rose petals, only to have them blow away. It’s like watching dollar bills rolls down the beach. Sometimes there is no breeze at all and the petals stay perfectly in place as our bride walks down the aisle. A breeze is about as predictable as a sneeze.

On days when the breeze is particularly strong, I’ve made the executive decision to not put the petals down. In these events, I keep them safely tucked away until after the event, and let the photographer know that “we have petals” wink wink. After the group shot, he or she gives me the nod, and I pass out the petals to the guests. Then on que, the magic happens as the petals are tossed into the air and engulf the happy couple…

Precious, isn’t it? Thanks to Blue Glass Photography for passing this photo along for me to share.

A Bliss Baby!!

And NO, it’s not MY baby! =) Eric & Jenny were married in St. Thomas on Magen’s Bay this past May. They were a great team to work with – very laid back and very much in love. You could feel the excitement in the air on their wedding day, their friends & family hadContinue Reading

My ?? turned into a !!

We did a wedding last week at Villa Botanica, one of my favorite locations. My bride told me that the caterer was helping her put the favors together, which would be “cupcakes in a jar”. I kind of had to think about that one, cupcakes in a jar?? I wasn’t quite sure how that wouldContinue Reading

My husband thinks I’m nuts…

I don’t have any tattoos or really ever had a strong urge to get one. I could never figure out what I wanted or where I would put it. But I’ve always loved seahorses (this sounds a bit morbid, but when I was a little girl growing up in Indiana, I had a dried seahorseContinue Reading