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New Addition to My Blog Roll!

Introducing BelAmi Voyages!

I don’t know how I got introduced to BelAmi, but I started getting email updates about new posts on their blog….so I journeyed over and fell in love. If I could redo my honeymoon, I would TOTALLY be booking a trip with BelAmi and sailing around the USVIs and BVIs. Their blog is a fun read and an interesting peak into the islands, especially boat living (which is an awesome way to live if you’re not familiar with it). Check out their blog – linked on the right side. You may want to bookmark it as winter continues to creep upon you northerners! =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American clients – past, present and future! Who is going to be out shopping tomorrow at 2am? Here in the islands, the only store that really has a Black Friday sale is KMart and they open at 6am. I did it one year – to save $4 on a carseat! Ha! I’mContinue Reading

Two perspectives of the same photo….

Did you see this picture on my Facebook page? And do you want to see how great it came out?? Eric Johnson of Paradise Pictures shot this wedding for us. There’s quite a bit of difference between my iPhone camera and his Canon Super Duper Crazy Professional Camera, huh? (I can’t remember off the topContinue Reading

Plan Bs

The weather has been so crazy this past year. I used to be able to tell brides, “oh, it hardly ever rains! We’ve done hundreds of weddings and rain has only ever affected about 2 or 3”. That, my friend, is no longer true. This past spring (April & May) and this past fall, thingsContinue Reading

Did you meet Skylar?

I posted this picture on our Facebook page last night (excuse the poor iPhone quality photo!). I believe this is the first time I had a couple bring down their furbaby for their wedding! I love it – little Skylar got all dressed up to celebrate with mommy & daddy. So cute! I thought she’dContinue Reading

Cruise Ships & Flowers

Some of the cruise lines have a policy about taking fresh fruits/vegetables and flowers on and off their ships. Thankfully, I have never had a bride tell me that she wasn’t allowed to bring her fresh flower bouquet back on board of the ship (if you are a past bride that couldn’t get your flowersContinue Reading

We have a winner!!

When my husband asked me how I was going to chose a winner, I told him that I take the number of comments and put that in – he asks, “did you just make that up? Is there really a website called” and yes, there is! It is not made up. And IContinue Reading