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Boat Trip! Actually….boat wedding!

I don’t want to say “often overlooked” twice in one week on the blog, but I do have to say, when it is just the two of you escaping to the islands to be married, a boat trip wedding is really pretty awesome and not considered nearly enough. It combines your wedding day with one of the best things you can do on vacation in the Virgin Islands – boating! The cost is really not too bad – you can combine the boat trip with a wedding package (or a customized package) and just pay for the cost of the boat, captain (who is also your officiate!) and gas – which is probably between $450 and $500 total. You have the boat as early as 7am and we can come back anytime before 6:30pm. You will not find a better boat rental value on the island!

This lovely couple wanted to sleep in a bit, so they were not actually pick up from their hotel until 9:00. We motored over to a private little beach on St. John (although there are other private beach options on neighboring islands, they preferred St. John).

Preparing to hit the beach…

The beach could not be more deserted – not a soul in site…

Check out the view with the British Virgin Islands in the background…

After enjoying their private little beach for awhile, we headed over to Tortola for some drinks at Pusser’s Rum…

We also stopped off at Sandy Spit, which is really nothing more than a large sand bar that boats can pull up to and you can swim in…how is this for the most perfect spot in the world to do yoga??

Boat weddings like the one above can accommodate up to 7 guests, including the captain. If you hire a photographer for the day, they take up space too, so 6 guests can be included. And if you’d like to have your wedding planner join you (yes please!) then that’s 5 guests – but it’s not really necessary for me to come (sigh). Of course, bigger boats can be arranged as well. It’s such a fun and memorable way to spend your wedding not, just a bit out of the ordinary!

Peace Hill, St. John

I think Peace Hill is a fantastic, often overlooked spot for ceremonies on St. John. Just look at this view! Often times, if we are going to have a lot of chairs set up, the parks department will cut down the grass for the ceremony. But when it is just the two of them, IContinue Reading

Cake Cutting Christmas Present!

A few months ago, we had brought home a huge box of trash from a wedding – whenever we have wedding cake at the beach, it creates a lot of clean up. The box had plates, napkins, old cake, etc. I took out the plates and forks and got them cleaned and I knew IContinue Reading

Welcome 2011

And my apologies for such a late welcome! I can’t believe we’re 16 days into 2011 and I haven’t stopped in to say hello. A few reason – I didn’t make it back to the islands until the 7th. My daughter Marley, loooooved the snow she saw at her grandma’s house: Once we got back,Continue Reading