And my apologies for such a late welcome! I can’t believe we’re 16 days into 2011 and I haven’t stopped in to say hello. A few reason – I didn’t make it back to the islands until the 7th. My daughter Marley, loooooved the snow she saw at her grandma’s house:

Once we got back, I was busy catching up on emails. A lot of clients wait until after the holidays to tie up loose ends with their wedding plans – which usually makes for a fairly quiet December around here and a busy January. Not to mention all the newly engaged couples from Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s that start to send out requests for information. Lots of time behind the computer! But that’s a good thing – my job really is a lot of fun, helping people through this exciting time in their life. Kind of like an OB-GYN who helps their clients through a lot of nerves & excitement – but you know, without all the pain and screaming on the big day. =)

And then of course, in addition to planning, we have actual weddings as well!

This is our new “Shoes Optional” sign for beach weddings. I love the casual shabby chic-ness about it.

I’m excited for 2011, are you? 2010 was an amazing year for Island Bliss Weddings…oh the stories I could tell (but won’t! Also like a doctor, there’s some confidentiality going on in wedding planning as well!). But I know 2011 will be just as much fun and I’m looking foward to the journey!