Monthly Archives: February 2011

Another amazing photography contest!!

Elisha Orin is giving away an amazing album to one of the lucky brides using her services this spring! Check out her blog for more details:

PS Above is one of my fave images she took of my girls last October. Love!

Happy Valentines Day!

My wonderful husband got me a new wedding bag for Valentine’s Day this year. My old one, which I adored since it had my logo on it, just wasn’t cutting it. Too small and it was just one big open bag. Everything got thrown in there and mixed up and made it hard to find.Continue Reading

Photography Give-Away!!

I know the above image is hard to see – so click on it to be taken to The Loveliest Day blog to learn more about the amazing wedding photography giveaway by Love n Joy Photography. I have to disclose, I’ve never worked with Love n Joy before – but they contacted me and askedContinue Reading


I’m still stuffed….

My husband and I took the ferry over to St. John on Saturday night to enjoy a night out together, and to finally eat at Rhumb Lines! I have done a handful of wedding receptions there, but never really got to sit and try all the yummy food. So Saturday night, we headed over. RhumbContinue Reading

Mr. & Mrs. Starfish

I am a huge fans of vintage bottles topped with seashells. I first saw them at a local shop and squealed with joy when I saw them…then cried a little when I saw the price. Now, the store I was in is not exactly known for having great prices. So as with everything in life,Continue Reading

Mind if I share?

Check out the video our Peace Hill bride put together of her photos…this is a perfect way to show friends & family your wedding day! Great for showing at receptions you have back home…