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Perfect for your bridesmaids…

When I was getting married, I found these ridiculously cute “Wet Bikini” bags on some bridal website, no idea now where I saw them (it’s almost 6 years ago that I said “I do!”). They were ridiculously cute, but also exceedingly overpriced. I think they were a crazy $48 each? Well, I just happened to be in Rainbow the other day (do you have these stores near you?) and found one almost exactly like it for the wallet friendly price of $5.99! I think they’re perfect for either stuffing in the welcome bag for your bridesmaids or even using it as a mini-welcome bag and stuffing it full of fun stuff (cheesy romance beach novel, lip block, sunblock, mini-rum bottles, bottle of water, cheap pair of shade….).

A special way to remember loved ones…

Quite often, I’ll have a bride ask me for ways to incorporate loved ones that have passed on in their wedding day. We often have a moment of silence during the ceremony for those that could not be with us physically, or we’ll have an empty chair with a flower in place of where theyContinue Reading

US Virgin Island Etsy Beach Wedding!

I am a fan of MODWedding on Facebook which means I get daily updates in my news feed containing some pretty cool ideas for weddings. It’s not “destination wedding” oriented though so while some of the ideas are very cool, they don’t really translate well for our weddings here. That changed yesterday though when theyContinue Reading

Unusual Wedding Dates

I have blogged before about 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11 wedding dates and how we expect to be busy those days this year (I’ve already had to turn down a few 11/11/11 weddings). It’s also fun to see how many weddigns get booked on days like 9/10/11. But my mother just sent me a forward (oneContinue Reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Only one of my little leprechauns would smile for me today. The other isn’t feeling well and stayed home sick from school. I felt so bad that she didn’t get to wear her green shirt to school today, but as she is resting in my bed watching cartoons, she couldn’t care less! Hope everyone hasContinue Reading

Amy & Greg’s Wedding!

I am sooo far behind on my blogging! Do you know I have a list saved on my desktop that says “BLOG” full of things I want to share? Some of them are really simple posts, wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to blog about…but, I did a very important wedding last month for aContinue Reading

Is Purple the new Pink?

There always seems to be a trend with wedding colors. When I first started Island Bliss Weddings, the hot colors seemed to be pink and green. Green slowly faded out and orange replaced it – with pink & orange being BFFs. But lately, there has slowly been a rising number of brides requesting purples. AllContinue Reading

Hair flowers out, rose petals in.

I’m always looking for ways to improve our packages. Over the last year, it seems I had a lot of brides tell me that they did not need the hair flower that was included in the Happy Hibiscus and Platinum Bliss Packages. And often times, even when brides did not tell me this, I wouldContinue Reading


I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long! The last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of March are busy, busy, busy…but I have a long list of things to blog about! One of which has to do with the following two photos: Above photo by the amazing Eric Johnson of ParadiseContinue Reading