I am a fan of MODWedding on Facebook which means I get daily updates in my news feed containing some pretty cool ideas for weddings. It’s not “destination wedding” oriented though so while some of the ideas are very cool, they don’t really translate well for our weddings here. That changed yesterday though when they updated their Facebook page with a link to their blog article:


Now…looking through the photos without reading the text, I was wondering, “is this a fake wedding? I don’t see any guests?” and upon reading more, it was indeed a fake weddings, just set up to show some really cool ideas for beach weddings. The whole thing was absolutely gorgeous though. I LOVE the surfboards used as an altar area…the vintage feel of the table settings, so very lush and full. But my favorite thing of all? The bride (kind of what I imagine Jennifer Anniston to look like at her next wedding). Loved her hair, her dress and OMG…her necklace!!! I was hooked! I don’t think I can pull off a chunky necklace like this, but I’d sure like to try, or at the very least, have it sit beautifully in my jewelry box. I thought, I bet I could find something similar on Etsy…and wouldn’t you know, they credited the necklace’s creator at the end of the article and lo & behold, she sells on Etsy!

Check out ideafarmdesigns for some crazy cool jewelry. And definitely flip through all the photos in the above blog post – sooooo pretty!