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Congratulations William & Catherine!

And just a word of advice:

PS They’re already selling knockoff’s of Kate’s dress on Etsy!

Awesome Welcome Bag Ideas

I had to admit this, but I am a knick knack kind of person. I watch the show Hoarders on TV and I’m pretty sure I could slip into that given the right conditions. Unfortunately, the home that I live in has ZERO storage space. It was build in the 1960s as a vacation home.Continue Reading

Busy busy week!

Every now and then, we have a week that is just booming with weddings and this has been one of those weeks! I’ve taken so many pictures and have so much to blog about! But unfortunately, my camera is in the car that my husband is currently driving around so no photos of my ownContinue Reading

Something new…

I’m always looking for new ideas on how to do anything better for a wedding – I love change and evolvment, I don’t want to offer the same thing everyone else does, or even just offer the same thing over and over again. A few months ago, a bride came up with this idea andContinue Reading

A beautiful sunset

Stephanie hired Island Bliss Weddings to help her pull off her St. John wedding. She really didn’t need coordination, but just assistance with the ceremony set up on the beach – an arch, chairs, etc. We’re happy to offer whatever services a bride needs, even if it something simple like arranging favors & centerpieces onContinue Reading

Grooming her to be a wedding planner…

You have to start somewhere, even if it is “back up logo”:

Happy April Fools!

How funny would it be if someone proposed tonight with this lovely “one carrot ring”? Ha! Would your man have gotten slapped or would you have rolled on the floor laughing? I found this little gem on…well, Etsy of course! This is by jujulee.