I had to admit this, but I am a knick knack kind of person. I watch the show Hoarders on TV and I’m pretty sure I could slip into that given the right conditions. Unfortunately, the home that I live in has ZERO storage space. It was build in the 1960s as a vacation home. Vacationers do not need a lot of storage, they live out of the luggage, right? So I neither have space to display knick knacks nor do I have space to store them (and my husband is so very thankful).

I think because this knick knack loving, hoarding tendency that I posses is the main reason that my favorite part about my job is favors and gift bags. I just love “stuff” and am always fascinated with what brides decide to do for these two items. I also have a lot of brides asking for ideas, so whenever possible, I do try to get pictures and add them to our Fun Stuff album on our Shutterfly pages. I think this particular album gets overlooked, so before I update it, I wanted to share some of these photos on the blog.

First up: welcome bags! I do have a list of items that I’m happy to send to clients with suggestions of what to put in the bags – but ultimately, those items and the bags themselves are up to you to decide. A recent bride gave me my own gift bag (yeah! love more stuff!!) so I took a bunch of pictures to share with you:

I love this particular bag because it’s so practical and earth friendly! Instead of having the couples name & dates on it, which may make guests not really use it again, its just a simple reusable grocery bag:

And here is a peak inside:

I love the St. Thomas Survival Kit with Pepto tablets, Advil, mints, etc.

The bride & grooms initials were going to be AC and GC – so they did a little AC/DC thing and the groom made up a playlist – there were songs from each of their hometowns, their favorites, some island songs, very cute!

You can also go the more personalized route with a bag like this:

You can bet I flipped my lid when I saw the seahorse! The bride found these on Esty by seller beachchik – here is a photo from the Esty listing:

I wanted to show this photo as well because look how pretty the bags are just rolled up with a piece of raffia ribbon? You don’t even need to fill the bags, but they could simply be gifts all by themselves.

Next up: favors! Check back soon for an update!