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Congrats to Isola Bella!

As you know, I love me some Isola Bella. I just found out they are being featured in the Spring/Summer issues of WELL WED magazines in the Hamptons, New York, Cape Cod + Nantucket + Martha’s Vineyard and Vermont Vows!

Congrats from Island Bliss Weddings!

Happy Anniversary My Love…

Happy anniversary to my husband. Seven years ago today I married my best friend on the tiny island of St. Thomas…we had only been living on island for 9 months and were building up our own wedding business. Our lives have “snowballed” (really wrong terminology for an island, huh?) into some really amazing things. AContinue Reading

Special touches..

I love when a bride adds her own special touches to the wedding. Whenever I can, I try to grab photos of these items to share on the blog. I realize I’ve been collecting them for awhile now and figured I’d better get to posting! This wedding was from way back in April (seems likeContinue Reading

Deep love of coral…

Remember that new aisle decor I told you about? Well I don’t have pictures of it in use as aisle decor quite yet. A bride of mine had sent down some elements for her centerpieces to be used at her Sand Dollar Estate wedding in St. Thomas. We were discussing back and forth flowers, noContinue Reading

If only I had 1/2 a bottle of wine…

I was scrolling through Facebook today as I was awaiting a group to arrive from the Freedom of the Seas for their Lindquist Beach wedding…and I stumbled upon this photo from Isola Bella: My eyes may have popped out of my head a little bit. I love, love, love this. I mean, how cute canContinue Reading

Congratulation Yuliya & Ander!

Congrats to Yuliya & Ander who were married on 5/3/12 on Lindquist Beach! Alain Brin of Blue Glass Photography sent me these photos – I love the last one, she looks like she’s floating!

A very meaningful bouquet…

As promised, I wanted to share with you the bride’s bouquet from Saturday night. The brooch bouquet is not a new concept to me, but how she came about her bouquet is definitely different than what I’ve seen before. For her bridal shower back home, the hostess had asked all the guests to bring aContinue Reading

Caribbean Ritual Dancers!

I had such a fun weekend! We worked hard on so many fabulous weddings – my clients were all happy, laid back and fun and you really can’t ask for anything more than that. Of course I took a ton of pictures and I thought about doing one large blog post on all our weddingsContinue Reading

Villa Botanica…one of my favorites…

Two posts in one day?? Crazy, right? =) I just remembered that I forgot to share these photos from Tim Rothwell. Tim traveled to St. Thomas on the Norwegian Epic with my lovely bride & groom, Mariah & Matt, to photographer their wedding at Villa Botanica on St. Thomas. Villa Botanica is an amazing venue,Continue Reading

Welcome May!

Can you believe it’s May already? I’m in a little bit of shock. May is our busiest wedding month of the year and there is so much going on this month, so many exciting weddings & other events. I kind of feel like I need to put a seat belt on in order to prepareContinue Reading