I was scrolling through Facebook today as I was awaiting a group to arrive from the Freedom of the Seas for their Lindquist Beach wedding…and I stumbled upon this photo from Isola Bella:

My eyes may have popped out of my head a little bit. I love, love, love this. I mean, how cute can it be? I have a slight obsession with wine bottle stoppers (and salt & pepper shakers but no need to go there today). Unfortunately, there never seems to be a bottle of wine sitting around my house that needs to be corked – those puppies are usually finished shortly after they are opened! =) I think these would make fabulous bridal party gifts though.

I also received an email from Isola Bella yesterday introducing their newest St. John based design. If you have ever been to St. John, then you are already familiar with the infamous petroglyph symbol (when I first saw it, I thought it looked a lot like an outline of a dog nostril – which still made sense to me because St John is so dog friendly!). These would make a fabulous favor for your guests, just take a peak at the second photo for an idea on how to present them to guests.

And guess what?! This weekend they are having a sale! You can take 10% off your online purchases by entering the code SUNNYDAYS. It is this weekend only – Friday through Sunday. Shop away! OH!! And best of all…if you want to order anything specifically for your wedding, let Gina know that you are an Island Bliss Bride. I can pick up the order for you and hold it until your wedding day – no shipping fees!

(Disclaimer: Isola Bella does not pay me or even ask for me to promote their items – I just really love their stuff and think the items make great island favors for your guests!)