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Introducing our new packages!

Check out our new packages for St. Thomas 

And our new packages for St. John!

What does this mean for you if you are already booked with an older package? It means you get to choose to keep your old package or switch to a new one. What is you haven’t booked yet but you have been meaning to? Same thing! Even if you haven’t sent your deposit in but you wanted to book one of the older packages, that’s no problem at all.

As with ALL our weddings, every single element of the package is customizable. You can add, eliminate or adjust services to your style, needs & budget. The packages are created as a “starting point” – something for you to take and mold into your own. I have always said, your wedding should be a reflection of YOU and not the package you chose.

From now on, our packages won’t include a “standard” aisle. You’ll have your choice of many different styles. We have created a photo album here that showcases aisle decor. We will have more images to add to this aisle this fall. There is a little * on the package information and I know everyone sees a * and thinks “OK, where is the fine print? what’s the catch?” – well the catch is this: fresh flowers on the aisle may increase the cost of the package. We have many different non-floral aisles and some with floral elements that do not raise the price but some floral aisles can be as expensive as $300 or $400 – these will have  surcharge on them.

What else is new? More of our packages include photography now – or they give you a photo & video add on option.  But this does not mean you have to choose this option or you are “stuck” with a certain photographer. Again, everything is completely customizable, as it always has been.

Be sure to email Janelle with any questions – just keep in mind we’re off island until Sept 10th so email responses may be a day or two delayed as we do not have daily access to email. Enjoy your upcoming holiday weekend!!

Brewer’s Bay Wedding

In the past few months, I’ve had two different photographers tell me “I’ve never shot an event here before” when arriving to Brewer’s Bay for a wedding. I then overheard a life guard tell me, “you’re the only wedding planner I see here!”. Now, I know for a fact that I’m not the only weddingContinue Reading

Off island we go!

Just a reminder that I will be traveling over the next few weeks. While I will be working while I’m away, I won’t be able to answer emails every day so there will be a lag time in my responses. I’m excited for some stateside time and will be purchasing some new items for weddings,Continue Reading

An interesting video concept!

Earlier this season, one of my brides introduced me to a new concept I had never really thought of. It’s a simple idea and I’m surprised I haven’t seen it earlier in fact. Instead of hiring a videographer for her wedding day, she employed the services and products of Storymix Media. This company sent herContinue Reading

I am a Sky Lantern scrooge. I am very sorry.

I hate writing a negative tone blog post. I have two whiny children at home and am always singing “if you can’t say something nice than don’t say anything at all”. So I feel a bit hypocritical coming on and sharing my dislike for sky lanterns. Because honestly, they are so very pretty, I doContinue Reading