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Changes in Payment Options

We have been doing a huge cleanup around here – our spring is way too busy so we like to call this “fall cleaning”. We have a very exciting announcement to make by the end of this week but a “eh” announcement to make right now – not very exciting, but important.

During our fall cleaning, we evaluated our payment options that we have for clients. We found that we either need to raise our rates or we need to eliminate our transaction fees paid to credit card companies.We decided its not fair to raise rates on everyone when not everyone is paying with a credit card.

Since the change will take place for all weddings starting November 1st, we emailed all of our November and December couples directly to inform them of the changes so they could prepare. We also wanted to make an announcement here as well. Here is a copy of the email our November & December couples received, explaining the new Payment Options.
If you wish to pay by PayPal: We will only be able to accept PayPal transfers. We will not be able to accept payments via credit card with PayPal. Debit cards are ok, as well as eChecks.

If you wish to pay by Credit Card: For all credit card payments, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.
Other payment methods:
Payments by checks must be received at least 14 days prior to your wedding date.
Cash, money orders and cashier’s checks will be accepted at any time leading up to your wedding day. Everything must be paid in full by the start of the ceremony.

Boutonnieres for the men in your life…

We have a bridal bouquet post, a maids bouquet post and a centerpiece post but it’s finally the boys turn: a boutonniere post! I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile now but recently our florist has asked for a change in the pricing for a boutonniere and I realized, now is the time! ForContinue Reading

Unplugged Wedding: A brilliant idea!!

I found this article online yesterday and re-posted it to our Facebook page. I thought it was BRILLIANT! One of my brides responded with “wow, I never thought about all that” and I realized, yes, I guess it’s true, its not something couples probably think about…but as someone who coordinates hundreds of weddings per year,Continue Reading

An oldie but goodie….

Shot by the amazing Elisha Orin back in …. February! I’ve had these photos on my laptop for quite awhile! Samantha and her guests arrived on the Carnival Glory, were married on Lindquist Beach and enjoyed a fun reception at Iggies at Bolongo Bay. Love these images!

Congrats to Anne & Jonathon!

Anne has such a great sense of style. I loved all the elements she put together. This gorgeous wedding was shot by Clary Pfeiffer at the Sand Dollar Estate. The adorable wedding cake was by Island Sweet Stuff. Adorable Pomeranian ring bearer? Brought from home. 🙂

August Re-Cap!

Almost two weeks in to September and I’m finally getting to the August re-cap! I always look forward to the fall thinking we’ll slow down and have more free time but I find when I’m not at a wedding, I’m busy catching up on other things. We have some exciting stuff happening this fall whichContinue Reading

Photography: Is One Hour Enough?

I get this question quite a bit from couples who are arranging a ceremony for their destination wedding. They often times do not have a lot of guests with them, or are coming in for a few hours on a cruise ship and are not planning a big reception on island. Obviously if you haveContinue Reading

Congrats to Jason & Katie!!

I absolutely loved this couple. I met with them a few days before their wedding and told my husband he was going to love them too. Then we bumped into them the next day at Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke and they bought us a round of Painkillers and definitely loved them more!Continue Reading