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Destination Wedding Place Card Holders

Many destination weddings are on the more relaxed side…nothing to formal, kick off your shoes and feel the sand in your toes type of affairs….however, a small gathering in the islands can sometimes turn into a much bigger than anticipated guest list. If you’re having a reception, either formal or not, I really recommend assigned seating. Guests show up to a reception and immediately wonder where they are supposed to sit. Giving them an assigned seat helps eliminate any awkward scramble for seats. I remember going to a wedding with my then-boyfriend (now hubby) when we had only been dating about 6 months. There was no assigned seating at the reception and there must have been 300 people there. We grabbed what seats we could find and turned out, we were in a back corner with the bride!! I hardly knew the girl and felt so awkward sitting at her table. Turned out she really didn’t have a table though – she was just sitting when and where she could to grab a bite, say hello, rest her feet, etc.

So I am a big fan of assigned seats or tables. But 95% of our weddings are open to the outdoors and those little tented place cards just don’t stand a chance to even a gentle breeze. I was shopping around this morning to show a bride an idea I had for her place cards. She is doing more with a silver & bling look, but I couldn’t help but notice all the fun tropical, island inspired place card holders. What I love about these is the fact that they keep the place card from flying away, the double a favor for your guests PLUS they add an extra element of fun to the table – either additional décor or just some whimsy. Check out my favorites:

anchor place card holders
coral place card holders
folding beach chair place card holder
nautical rope place card holder
palm place card holder
pineapple place card holders
seashell place card holders
starfish placecard holder

I found all of these great pieces on Beau Coup. They didn’t ask me to write this article or compensate me in any way. I just really love their site! Check back in a few days and I promise to put up a post with some pictures of my favorite favors.

Stay Hydrated!

  I love our little beverage trio! Rum punch, water and lemonade…

All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Package.

  We created our all-inclusive wedding packages just over a year or so ago and they have been a tremendous success! They are simple and easy to plan packages that include everything you could need but are still 100% customizable. Danielle was married just 10 days ago and we already have these gorgeous images fromContinue Reading

Congrats to these two beautiful souls!

What a fun wedding last night on Pretty Klip Point! I loved Nikki & Brandon’s own personal style. My favorite elements of this wedding day? Her gorgeous cage veil and his fun hat!

Rain, rain go away!

The weather for our event this past Monday at Sand Dollar Estate was quiet threatening the hours leading up to the wedding. The ceremony was set for 5pm and at 3pm, we were experiencing torrential downpours. All we could do was hope that the weather cleared and keep chanting “rain, rain, go away…”. I snappedContinue Reading

Welcome Fall!

Wow! I can’t believe we haven’t updated the blog since July! Most of our staff was on vacation for the month of August and we hit the ground running in September, catching up on what we missed and getting ready for the new wedding season! September was a busy month and October is just asContinue Reading