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Destination Wedding Favors for St. Thomas & St. John Weddings

I have to admit, one of my favorite elements of a wedding is the favors. I know a lot of people think they’re useless or unnecessary and in some cases, I can’t disagree. But I love to see a bride & groom put their own twist on a typical wedding favor.

One wedding I had a couple of years ago used custom pizza cutters & keychains with miniature handcuffs. Weird right? Like…what? But the groom and his brothers owned a chain of pizza restaurants and the bride was a corrections officer. I mean, that’s pretty cool!

My sister-in-law was married this past December. To say she and her husband are geniuses is a bit of a understatement. She is working on her PhD at Princeton and he is starting his MBA at Harvard soon – they met while studying at Cambridge (I don’t play Trivia Pursuit with these two….she was kicking my butt at that game when she was 12 years old). I love that they incorporated their love for books with their favors. They set up an adorable little library and invited guests to choose from some of their favorites. And the coolest thing about this – these were all used books that you could pick up from Goodwill, consignment shops or any second hand store.











Some of my favorite favors from my own brides included these photo albums. Each album had the guests name on the tag, and when opened up, there was a personalized note from the bride and groom and even a copy of their engagement photo. These books are a great way to get your guests vacation album started.














A big hit with guests are custom reusable cups, made by Tervis, Corkcicle, etc. You can place custom orders with these companies and do something like this Tervis below for everyone…











Or personalize each one for each guests. These are two that were gifted to me by brides (PS your wedding planners also loves to get favors!)
















There are a lot of local favorites that you can pick up including coffee from VI Coffee Roasters











Items by local artists such as Isola Bella










Cruzan Rum and Island Spices from places like St. John Spice











I’ve accumulated a lot of favorites over the years and put together a document of great destination wedding favor ideas. Email me at and I’m happy to send it your way!


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