Can you tell what these are??

Seahorse cookies!! We had an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding this morning at Lindquist Beach for a lovely couple coming in on a cruise ship. Our bride is just as crazy for seahorses as I am and requested seahorse cookies instead of a wedding cake. Our bakery, VI Desserts, didn’t have a seahorse cookies cutter, so I found one on eBay. Now…the eBay listing said it was 4″ and I didn’t really think to measure it but these things were much bigger than 4″! Closer to 6 in fact. They looked awesome and the bakery was able to do the icing in the brides wedding colors. VI Desserts can use my cookie cutter anytime, so if you like them too, don’t be shy to order. They have their own starfish cookie cutter that makes a great awesome starfish cookie as well.

A big bonus of these cookies? The royal icing hardens, but isn’t hard, if that makes sense. Very, very little mess involved – virtually none at all.

Congrats Cliff & Sarah! I hope you sail off into the sunset on the Ruby Princess with fond memories of St. Thomas!