My dear friend, EJ of Paradise Pictures, was married last Saturday at the St. Thomas Reformed Church. I was very honored to have EJ ask me to handle the day of coordination for him and his beautiful bride Ashlee. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous church setting.

The St. Thomas Reformed Church is located in the heart of Charlotte Amalie. After the ceremony, I took a few pictures of the surrounding architecture. I absolutely love these backdrops. Don’t you think it could make for some excellent wedding photography?

And speaking of wedding photography, let me just say, there are a ton of cameras at a photographers wedding. I joked around that they wasted money on the videographer – with all the photos being taken, they could surely put a flip book together and it would play out just like a video!

Last photo courtesy of Sean McCoy & Bridget Gallaher

Congratulations Ashlee and Eric!