I am sooo far behind on my blogging! Do you know I have a list saved on my desktop that says “BLOG” full of things I want to share? Some of them are really simple posts, wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to blog about…but, I did a very important wedding last month for a dear friend of mine and I know she is dying for me to blog about it! I haven’t wanted to put up just any blog post until I could put HER blog post up!

Amy is very good friends with my friend Ally. Ally and I went to college together and Ally has an AMAZING group of high school friends. I’ll admit, it took me a couple of years to get their names straight – Amy (who would also go by Am-O), Eden (real name Jamie) and Kozar (real name Jaimen). With the nicknames (really just their last names) and the real names, I really never knew who was who and my friend Maddie would have to brief me on their names before they came to campus to visit. They would come visit us at IU and we would go visit them up in Cleveland. I’ll never forget one of their visits during freshman year when I proudly announced, “hey, let’s all jump in my truck and drive around listening to Mellencamp” (yes, I AM a proud Indiana girl at heart). I think it was Eden who stated with just a hint of disgust, “oh wow…we really are in Indiana now”.

We’ve all stayed in touch through the years and all the girls came down to witness Maddie’s wedding:

It was at this wedding that Amy fell in love with St. Thomas and the idea of an island wedding. Almost one year later, everyone returned for what is quickly becoming an annual trip. On their first night in St. Thomas, Greg dropped to one knee and proposed.

Her little trick to get Greg down St. Thomas and fall in love with the idea of a destination wedding worked. We began almost immediately in planning their wedding weekend. She even got to visit Villa Botanica for a site visit before flying back to Chicago.

First up on the wedding weekend agenda was a welcome party at Robert’s American Grille:

It was reeeealllly fun being a guest and not a planner at this event!

The next day, we had the ceremony overlooking the pool & harbor at Villa Botanica.

Cocktail hour was held afterward in the garden.

Dinner & dancing in the pavilion!

The above photo was taken by her photographer Elisha Orin. All of us girls decided to wear the same color to be “faux-maids”.

Then a couple days later….BoAT TrIP!

We went out on Limnos Charters and while I can’t post any more pictures of the boat trip (too scandalous!), I have to say, Limnos did a great job. Fully stocked open bar all day (which may be the reason additional photos can not be posted) and a trip to the Willy T and Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay. Such a fun day out with friends and a great way to show your guests the islands!

There are a few more elements of Amy’s wedding that I will blog about over the next couple of weeks, special touches that I want to share with you. I’m just glad to finally get a post up about the event! I had to email Amy to see if she had that picture of the two of them right after their engagement – she’s a smart cookie and realized it was for the blog. She wrote back:

I can’t wait to see what you write about me “pain in the ass bride,” “bridezilla,” “worst experience of my life.”

Ha! Hardly! I had a blast and am always thankful when my girlfriends take the long trek down to St. Thomas to see me (and maybe get married on the side while their here). I love the fact they they are already planning for their February 2012 trip. Love you all!