As all of my clients and Facebook fans know, I was off island for about a week at the end of May. I often go up to Indiana to visit family & Target (yes, I very much miss Target) but I rarely go at the busiest time of the year for us here in the islands. But a very dear friend of mine from college was getting married and I just had to be there…especially when she asked me to photograph the wedding for her!!

I absolutely love photography. Everything took shape when I was pregnant with my daughter Marley. I really wanted to capture some great photos of her growing up and purchased a nice amateur camera that at the time, I thought was WOW! Over the last five years, I’ve learned a lot about the differences of “a nice camera” and “professional camera”. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t make that much of a difference in a nice camera and a pro camera if you know what you are doing, have the creativity to make something work and well, Photoshop isn’t a bad thing to understand either (which I am light years away from fully understanding!). Last year I upgraded to a full frame, pro camera and often have it with me at wedding to capture the fun details that I want to share with other brides. I’ve even shot a few weddings here when no one in our budget photography team was available.

As a wedding planner, it’s a lot of fun to step outside of my coordination role for a bit and wear a different hat. I had an absolute blast at Shanna’s wedding playing the photographer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to edit even a 10th of her images, but these are a few of the teasers I sent over for her (fortunately, she is a very understanding friend while I wade through our busy June!). I hope you enjoy the teaser as well and would love any feedback!

Right before walking down the aisle

A fun little photo prop I brought along

I wanted to share this one because of the milk glass. Shanna’s grandmother spent a year prior to the wedding collecting antique milk glass to use as centerpieces. The reception was held in a rustic old barn and the combo of the hydrangea, milk glass and old barn feel was so awesome and huge difference for me – I’m used to starfish and beach glass!

So far, this is one of my favorite images of the ones I’ve edited. I love the emotion on her father’s face as he hugs his baby girl…but did you notice the guest seated at the table in the background? The what her father is holding in his hand? I love the little bit of comedy infused in such an emotional moment. I remember taking this image and it was the first one I pulled up on my computer – I was so excited about it!