And we have a runner up too! Amber wins too!

I should have mentioned how I planned to pick the winner…I waited until this morning and then saw I had 12 comments. So I tore up 12 little pieces of paper and put a number on them. Then I handed the cup to my 10 month old daugher, Maya, who just threw the cup and made a mess. So I decided to pick a number on my own…it was number 12 – Bill wins! So I start to go to my blog to announce the winner while Maya plays with the cup…two seconds later, she is smacking her lips on a little piece of paper. It had a number 2 on it…so Maya decided to chose her own winner afterall! I’ll contact each of you via email and announce your prizes soon (now I have to brainstorm to decide on the prize!). =)

Thanks everyone for participating!