Scottish Themed Flowers in St Thomas! – This bride wish to remain annonomyous due to the fact that they are ELOPING (eeee!! fun!) in St. Thomas!

Well, since deciding on taking a ‘touch of Scotland’ with us to the Caribbean next year I have been very busy searching for silk flowers. There seems to be hundreds of online sites doing silk or even real touch flowers but not so many choices with scottish themes or thistles! Having contacted a few and after reading some other comments on UK wedding sites the decision is made! Ribbon to compliment the groom’s kilt is ordered and will be on my flowers and our guests corsages. Here is a pic of the style of flowers I would like but I have asked for more thistles, some bling and it will have tartan ribbon!

Groom and male guest will have thistle button holes with the tartan ribbon also. Hopefully this type of thistle!

The florist/company I have chosen in the end is Laura at BloomingGorgeous (

So the flowers are decided, next issue is the storage of them until they are required next year! Oh! and then the biggest challenge – getting them from our home to St Thomas in one piece!!