This was submitted from a past client of mine, beautiful Amber, who was married at Lime Tree Beach. Her photographer,, captured some amazing pictures!

Unexpected Guests!

One of the advantages of hosting a destination wedding is that the chances of having “wedding crashers” is unlikely right?

In the instance that you are thinking of these wedding crashers you are probably right.

As it turns out, on our wedding day in St. Thomas we had none of the above referenced “Wedding Crashers” however we still ended up with a few “unexpected guests”.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine those moments as you are standing with your significant other saying your vows.

Tears of joy are being shed all around as your closest friends and family are watching the two of you become one. What a wonderful day!

What’s that you hear? Someone sobbing. Oh, no worries it is probably just Aunt Joyce overwhelmed with the emotions of the day. Yet it continues…..

You think to yourself “Wow, we aren’t as emotional as she is, something must be wrong with us”

Then out of the corner of your eye, you see something dart across the ground towards your bridesmaids while in the same moment your entire wedding party and all the guests scatter.

There are screams, tears, and laughter while everyone tries to regroup and figure out exactly what THAT is scampering across the ground?!?!?

Meanwhile, the locals are laughing hysterically at the scene that has just unfolded. To them the “unexpected guests” are merely a part of life on the island.

To you, they are the scariest looking iguanas you have ever seen who also appear to be on a mission. Of course they are, the locals say as they tell you it is iguana mating season in St. Thomas. Not only that, they are extremely attracted to toenail polish.

:Cue the horrified bride and bridesmaids here:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this was the story of our wedding day. It is one we shall never forget. To this day (almost three years later) the story brings a smile to the face of everyone who was in attendance that day.

Surely, your wedding day in St. Thomas will be memorable in every way even if it does include a few “unexpected guests” along the way!