Yes, I am back from Mexico! I’ve been home for almost two weeks now. I’m always very slow to start blogging again after a vacation. It’s a reminder that the vacation is over! Another delay was caused because the little diorama’s that I purchased to share with you broke on the way home. My wonderful husband fixed them for me last night so I could finally blog them!

I’m a huge fan of Mexican art & culture. The little town we stayed in had THE MOST AMAZING GIFT SHOP EVER. I know I’ve told you all about my tendency to hoard things. But I’m not a trash hoarder, I’m a shopping hoarder. If I could buy everything in this store, I would have (and probably would have been served divorce papers upon my return home…shortly after covering my house with shelves to display everything). I’m not kidding, this shop was so cool, I even took a picture of it:

Doesn’t it make you want to go inside??

And here are some of the things I just had to bring home to share with you. Love them!

The entire family gathered one night on the beach so we got a family photo of everyone together. Five “original” kids, five spouses and eight grandchildren, two very happy grandparents:

And there just so happened to be a wedding taking place at the end of the beach! After the ceremony, the couple took a walk with their wedding guests, serenaded by a mariachi band, that went right past us on the beach (I had actually bought my diorama’s a few days earlier – who knew the exact same scenario would play out on the beach a few days later!):

And before you ask, no…we don’t have mariachi bands in the Virgin Islands! I wish we did though!

It was pretty amazing that everywhere I looked, I could hardly get away from work. The stores with their brides & grooms…the wedding taking place on the beach…and get this, on a visit to the Maya Ruins with our girls, I turned around and saw THIS:

That’s right, he’s proposing!! I already had my camera out so I started snapping photos right away and then asked my husband if I had a business card on me. He laughed and called me an ambulance chaser but NO, that’s not why I wanted a card. I told them to email me so I could send them the photos but sadly, they haven’t yet. I didn’t have a card on me and maybe they forgot my business name…so if you know anyone that recently got engaged in Mexico – let them know I have their photos for them!!

And one last photo because it’s so darn cute…my girls, Marley and Maya, in front of the Mayan Ruins (and yes, we did partially name Maya after the Riviera Maya!).