I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year, although if you are in the far north, I’ll never understand people that enjoy snow! I’m always asked what brought me to the islands and my honest answer is, “the weather!”. I really enjoy Christmas mornings in shorts, I’ll tell you that. My parents are always quick to remind me just how pretty the snow is…and I agree…I love to watch it fall…on the TV. =)

We put up our Christmas tree last weekend and there are two ornaments that I really wanted to share with my brides. I’m constantly asked about local gifts – what would be something locally made that would be a nice favor for wedding guests? I know this won’t work for everyone, but I love the idea of a locally made Christmas ornament.

This, being a seahorse and all, is definitely my favorite and made at a local clay art studio. They are signed on the back with St. Thomas, USVI and I’m sure the artist would be happy to personalize.

Be sure to check back soon for the 2nd ornament!