I discovered Isola Bella at a little shop in Red Hook, St. Thomas called Home Again probably a year or two ago. I loved the simplicity of their designs, the clean & modern feel of their products. My first purchase was this throw pillow that lived on my bed (when it was made) for awhile before moving to my office chair recently.

September 2010, my husband and I went to Vegas for a wedding conference and my in-laws came to stay at our house to watch our little girls. I hurried back to Home Again and purchased these canvas prints to hang above our what was once empty wall space above our bed. I thought it made our room look a little more “adult-like” to impress the in-laws. =)

I didn’t show you the rest of the bed on purpose…it’s currently piled high with two loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.

Anyhoo…I’ve become fans of Isola Bella on Facebook (you should too!) and have been watching some fabulous products pop up. I couldn’t help but think that some of these items would be perfect for our weddings – OH – and I forgot to mention – the artist is LOCAL! I love when brides give local gifts to their guests – you can’t beat that! So I got in touch with Gina, the fabulous owner over there, and purchased some items that I thought would be great for destination weddings.

First up…these little wooden post cards. I am obviously very partial to seahorses so I just loved these:

I haven’t tested it yet but I’m hoping to send one to my best friend up in DC and see how it holds up in the mail. Don’t you think this would make a fabulous Save the Date?? I gave one to my bride last week and the photographer used it in her blog post about the wedding – clock on wedding to be taken there (thanks Elisha!).

But wait…there’s more! Check out these wine totes. In the interests of keeping it local, why not swap out wine for a bottle of local Cruzan rum??

They come in all kinds of styles (just like the other products):

I think the bottle of rum is a great idea for guests that are staying on the island…but it may not work well for ship passengers (they won’t be allowed to bring it back on the ship) but a large bottle of water, a bag of chips or pretzels, a shopping/tour guide, maybe some sun screen…that would fill up the bag nicely and make a great gift to give to guests. How perfect is the anchor for a ship wedding though?

Isola Bella also has smaller gift totes (and larger ones too!):

These little gift tags are cute to add to just about anything:

If you’d like to order any of these products or any other of Isola Bella’s great products – just let me know!