I’ve been screaming this in my head all day – I’ve been meaning to get a photo of the prize up on the blog all week but we are knee deep in wedding season right now. It has been so busy. There is a voice in the back of my head that keeps reminding me to do this but I just haven’t found time…whenever my daughter (who turns 3 in August yet I’m not comfortable calling her a three year old yet!) is taking her sweet time doing something, we always tell her not to dilly dally – she gets so frustrated when she hears this and says, “I’m NOT Dilly Dally! I’m MARLEY!” Cracks us up everytime. So yes, while that voice in my head keeps reminding me to hurry up and get this posted, there is another voice in my head screaming back, “I’m not Dilly Dally!”

That was a lot to explain why this wasn’t up sooner, huh? =)

Bill, I hope you and your fiance enjoy a box of locally made Caribbean Rum Balls. These make great additions to welcome bags or favors to be set at everyone’s seat. I’ve also thrown in a USVI bumper sticker and will include some local brochures on St. Thomas and St. John.

And for my runner up Amber, that is a surprise her. Amber is expecting a very special baby this summer, Megan Grace, and there is a little something in the package for you and your mommy. And sorry Amber, it is not two tickets to come back down to St. Thomas. Business is good, but not that good!