I had the opportunity to coordinate a wedding last month at Kismet on St. John. To say I was blown away by its beauty is a complete understatement. It was Ahhh-Maaazzing (channeling my inner Oprah).

My bride actually lucked into this villa. She had a different villa reserved for the wedding but unfortunately, there had been a fire a few months prior to the wedding and the owners of the villa did not think it would be ready in time for her event. I could tell she was disappointed but at the same time, the owners of her originally villa reached out to Kismet and they were able to secure this villa for her at the same price. I feel bad saying this, but that fire was the best thing that could happen to her! Not that her original villa wasn’t great, but Kismet is just the most amazing venue, completely set up perfectly for a wedding. Check out the pictures!

It had this awesome look out tower (seen in picture above) that you could climb out of and walk around on the roof. This is their photographer out there grabbing some bird’s eye photos.

If you’re interested in having your wedding at Kismet, let me know! I have some insider information on how to grab a great deal on it (and no! it does NOT involve setting other villas on fire!).