I love this photo I snapped of the bride & groom exiting the aisle after their wedding on Maho Bay. The bride has a big grin on her face and the officiate has turned around looking at a boat that just blew a conch shell as soon as the bride & groom were pronounced husband and wife!

St. John beach wedding

I really had to share more photos of her bouquet though. This is honestly one of my favorite bouquets of the year.

Just love everything about it. Soft, romantic… We also had a sand ceremony. As you know from my previous posts, St. John is becoming more and more strict on what we can and can’t do on the beaches in terms of weddings. They don’t really want us to set up tables on the beach for sand ceremonies or cakes and glass is a definite NO NO. With a little creativity, we can still make the sand ceremony a beautiful moment. Here we use shells instead of glass and we had the parents hold the shell for the bride & groom to pour sand in to – they act as the “foundation” of their lives together.

St. John Weddings

The bride loved the shells so much, she purchased them from us to take them home and put on her fireplace mantel!