Occasionally I have a bride that asks me about preserving their bouquet. We do actually have a vendor on St. Thomas now that can help with this process. It does involve boxing the bouquet on dry ice and shipping it off island – overall, it’s an expensive process. And in the end, you just end up with the world’s best dust collector. Ever tried to clean dried flowers? Not easy.

Of course, you will always have photos of your bouquet to remember it by. The above picture is from my own wedding. I purchased the silver starfish on eBay and had the florist attach it to my bouquet. I still have that starfish tucked away in my jewelry box – it will be used again one day. For what, I don’t know…but I hope it involves my daughters somehow. But the photo itself isn’t something I would really frame and stare lovingly at, you know? The day after my wedding as I was sitting in our hotel suite, looking at my gorgeous bouquet, I wondered, what can I do to preserve its memory? I hated to just throw it away. Pluck a flower and press it between the pages of a book? That seems so high school prom to me. So I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures…wondering, what am I going to do with these pictures other than file them away somewhere?

Then inspiration hit me. I started shaking the crap out of my bouquet, snapping photos of it as I went. The result? Some pretty cool abstract photos! I loved the way the photos came out and have always planned to order them in an 8×10 photo, frame them an hang them in a collection of three. The almost look like artwork, don’t they?

Have I actually gotten around to doing this? Well, after almost 3.5 years of marriage…no. I haven’t done it yet. I’m too busy framing photos of my babies! But, one day I think I definitely will. In fact, I may go ahead and place the order. They’re more apt to get framed if I actually print them! Don’t you think they would look cool with a white matte and black frame?

And yes, the look of my new husbands face was priceless as he watched his bride shake her bouquet like a mad dog with a rabbit in its mouth! I’m surprised he didn’t run screaming from the room!