It’s October 1st and as you learned from my previous post, one of my favorite months of the year! We have a very, very busy wedding month ahead of us. October is a great time to get married in the islands. The heat of the summer has started to fade, airfare & hotels rates are still low and the threat of hurricanes deminishes greatly (knock on wood!). Because it is my favorite month, I’ve decided that for each of my weddings this month, I am going to take a picture of my favorite element of the wedding and share it with you here on the blog. It may be the brides jewelry, the color the maids dresses, the cake, the band, whatever is my favorite part of the wedding, I’ll snap a picture and post it here.

I have two blog entry submissions that I am going to post tomorrow – if you want to write up an entry of your own, please submit it to me before 10am EST tomorrow! Everyone who submits a blog entry will get an Island Bliss Weddings pen to encourage you to keep writing and whichever entry gets the most comments will get an Island Bliss Weddings tote bag. The entries will go up tomorrow and the comment counter will start the moment they go up and end on October 9th at midnight (just one week!). I’d love to have it end on October 31st since that is my favorite holiday, but I think 7 days is probably best! So get busy and send an entry!

Also keep a look out for some photos I will post of my 9-9-9 wedding by a very talented local photographer – amazing!