We have a beautiful wedding last week at Lime Tree Beach (aka Bluebeard’s Beach). As I was setting up, I was reflecting over the fact that orange has really become a very popular wedding color. When I was married about 5 years ago, the hot colors were pink and green. Now, I’m seeing a big trend for orange and pink. I can’t help but think if you throw the color brown or yellow in there, it would be a total throw back to the 60s. I think my mother’s wedding colors were yellow, orange and brown. That and the couch I grew up with – a nice yellow, orange and brown plaid tweed beast of a couch. But I digress…orange & pink for wedding colors = hugely popular and hugely pretty!

As you remember from Amber’s post a couple of weeks ago, the iguanas are plentiful at Lime Tree Beach and as I was setting up for the wedding, I noticed no less than 8 of them surrounding me. They do not bother me, as you can not have a fear of these creatures if you live in St. Thomas – they are as inevitable as waves on the sand. But they were taking a very keen interest in my set up. It wasn’t until I threw down a bundle of the orange chair ties and saw four of them rush over to investigate that I figured out why they were so eager to watch me today. Orange, red and pink are their FAVORITE colors, as they are the same colors as hibiscus flowers…their favorite foods. This little bugger was keeping guard over the chair ties and I had to shoo him away to complete the task of tying them on our chairs!

This one was getting a little inappropriate with my conch shells.

I was finally able to finish and the set up looked superb (if I don’t say so myself).

But unlike Amber’s wedding day, there was no act of sabotage by the iguanas during the ceremony! Our bride and groom were very happy and iguana-trauma free.

Favorite Element: Orange