If you were married last week by Island Bliss Weddings, you probably didn’t even know these little girls were in my car:

I am fostering these sweet little babies from the Humane Society of St. Thomas (click on the link to go their website but check them out on Facebook as well!). They are only a couple of weeks old so for the first week I had them, they slept about 23 hours a day. The other hour was spent bottle feedings and going potty. They were pretty easy to take along to a wedding! They are getting a little older and more active now so I think after this week, they’ll be old enough to stay home while “momma” heads out to work. I’ve had a great time caring for them and will soon start looking for a new home for them.

But since I’m talking puppies…did you know you can adopt a shelter pet from St. Thomas or St. John and take a pup or kitten home with you? Or even a full sized dog or cat! This would be a great little souveniere from your trip, right?!

Even if you’re not in the market for a new family member, the shelters here are desperate for escorts. Our shelter has a great relationship with some no kill shelters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. They are always looking for volunteers to help escort a dog or cat to these airports (and New York). If you’re flying out of one of these airports and are willing to volunteer (it’s no cost to you and they will meet you at the airport with the lucky pup), please contact me or our Humane Society so we can set you up with saving a life!