Last week I had the pleasure of being back at Sand Dollar Estates. This villa can sleep up to 22 guests, making it the perfect ceremony & reception location for small groups that want to stay together. Our wedding last week had 15 people in attendance and everyone was staying at Sand Dollar – great way to cut down on transportation costs as well! It’s also a great spot for larger weddings. Hosting a reception at a villa is such a great way to keep the event intimate and personal.

There is a small beach at Sand Dollar, but with the tides, you never really know if it will be large enough to host a ceremony. We decided to do the ceremony on the pool deck.

We then had Passion Fruit Chefs do the catering for dinner (red wine and steak! it’s was a man’s man feast!) and set up dinner on the upstairs deck, with amazing views of Magen’s Bay.

I really loved the way the cetnerpieces came out.

But are you ready for my favorite element?

Confused? Check our Elisha Orin’s blog: to see the professional photos of this day. Elisha is new to the Virgin Island photography market, but has such an awesome skill and is so easy to work with. We have another wedding with her next week – is it cheating if she is my favorite element for that wedding too?? =)

Here’s a few shots of her in action: