It’s finally safe to post this since the Christmas holiday is past! My bride Brooke was married earlier this month at the St. Peter & Paul Cathedral in St. Thomas. She was the cutest little thing:

(I’m sure her photographer Sage Crown Parker got a better exit shot that I did!)

Brooke surprised her groom with a special lobster ring pillow. Must like Ross & Rachael of friends, they are each other’s lobster (awwww).

The very next day, I took my children to a holiday bazaar at a local school and there was a old man, looking much like Santa himself, selling ornaments he cut from wood and painted by hand. I pretty much buy an ornament from him whenever I see him at such local fairs but one in particular caught my eye and I knew I had to get it for the newlyweds!

How perfect is that for them?! I had the artist add “St. Thomas” and their wedding date to the back and mailed it off to them. Of course, it will have to wait until next Christmas to hang on their tree as they are spending the holidays honeymooning in French Polynesia!! I’m not sure my gift is as exciting as their honeymoon is, but I’m sure it will make them smile for years to come!