I know you’re not going to appreciate this post. But these days, I just don’t see your relevance anymore. Everyone owns a digital camera and almost everyone knows how to upload their images to the internet. I just feel that the days of leaving a disposable camera on the reception tables are long gone. But how, do you ask, do you get everyone to share with you their digital photos? Ah…I have the solution for you! Most photo sharing & printing websites (like shutterfly, snapfish, etc)allow you to create websites easily (and for free) to allows friends & family to upload their photos to. I have a website like this for Island Bliss Weddings (www.islandblissweddings.shutterfly.com) and even have a site for my daughters so that the Grandma’s can see & order photos of their grandkids (www.marleyandmaya.shutterfly.com). Personally, I love Shutterfly but mainly because it is what I’m familiar with. I’m sure the others are just as easy and great (although if you have any experience with any of them, please feel free to leave a message in the comment section to share with others).

The best way to inform guests of these sites are to leave a little card on the reception tables (a little note such as, “We’d love to see the photos you’ve taken of our wedding day! Please share with us at www.ourwedding.shutterfly.com) or to put a note in your welcome letter, programs, etc.

Now, before the disposable camera industry issues a hit out on me, I do want to recommend this little treasure for the welcome bags. Wouldn’t everyone love a cheap little disposable UNDERWATER camera for their Virgin Islands vacation?? I found this cute little thing at www.weddingcameras.com