My husband and I were invited to an open house last night at Spirit on the Water. The owners have done so much work to this oceanside villa and want to open up their homes for weddings and events. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. First of all, there are very few oceanside/cliffside venues here. A lot of brides will tell me they don’t necessarily want to be married right on the beach but would like an awesome view of the ocean and islands. I’m telling you, it doesn’t get much better than this:

This venue has just about everything my clients wish for: gorgeous palm trees, amazing views, large deck for the ceremony and space for dancing & dining, a private suite for the bride & her bridal party to get ready and you know what made me shout for joy? The fact that they are NOT renting the space for a weekly stay. This was always the hard part for my cruise ship brides. It was hard to find a villa atmosphere that only rented for the day or a few hours (Villa Botanica and Norbu being the only other two).

This space can also be rented for my couples that are staying on island and you know what? You don’t have to worry about a noise ordinance! You can have the DJ play until midnight if you like. There is enough room for up to 120 guests – awesome, right?! And get this…the owner knows a roadie for Queen and the roadie set them up with all the right wiring. Your DJ is going to love this venue.

We got there about 7:45 last night and by that time, the view was pretty dark. But I did bring my camera and wanted to share some of the set ups they had. The owners have great taste – you really don’t need a lot of decor here. These lanterns made my etsy-loving/pinterest addicted heart skip a beat…

There are two separate areas available for dinner. There is in interior courtyard which looks lovely with the lights and fabric and then the exterior deck. I envision a ceremony on the deck, everyone inside for dinner, then back out to the deck for dancing…

I need to go back during the day and get photos of the view – it’s just gorgeous.

There are so many goodies here too – a bride and her bridesmaids can spend the night here the night before the wedding if they like. Or you and the groom can enjoy your wedding night here. They have spa packages, wedding day breakfast packages, etc. The owners, June & Ed, are excited to be a part of a couples wedding day. 

Don’t you love it? Contact me if you’re interested in hosting your wedding at Spirit on the Water – I can’t wait to do my first wedding here!