These photos are pictures I took with my little camera at last weeks wedding on Brewer’s Bay. The bride & groom really wanted romantic sunset photos and it is always a little stressful as a wedding planner…as sunsets are completely out of my control! And very hard to time…this particular glow only lasted about 15 minutes. But what a great 15 minutes it was, giving the photographer enough time to capture some really wonderful sunset images!

There are a lot of questions that pop up when a couple wishes to be married at sunset. A lot of times, you imagine saying your vows while the sky looks like this…but keep in mind, 10 minutes later, the sun is gone and it is now DARK outside. Which means terrible light for group, family and portrait shots after the ceremony. We normally schedule the ceremony about 1 hour before the scheduled sunset – this allows for great lighting for the ceremony, time for photos after and then just shots of the bride & groom together (which are going to the ones you love the most).

Another question is…which beach has the best sunset?? Lime Tree Beach and Brewer’s are the two that really face the sunset, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great sunset photos at other beaches. Lindquist Beach has amazing lighting around this time of day, very soft and even for photographer. But it does face east, so your sunset is going to look different….

I had someone ask me the other day, what time of year is best for sunsets? Honestly, there isn’t a good or bad time…it all depends on the conditions on that day (dust in the air is good, so are clouds…but of course, too many clouds and the sunset is blocked!). The timing of the ceremony is important too. It’s tricky, but with some luck, it can be done!