Tomorrow is my first official wedding since the birth of my daughter on June 24th. I’ve had a few smaller elopements since her birth, but tomorrow is my first bigger wedding. Oddly enough, I’m a little nervous! I haven’t been nervous about a wedding since I first started in this business almost four years ago. I’m glad my bride & groom have already left for their trip and are enjoying their cruise even as I type…last thing I’m sure they want to hear is that their wedding planner is nervous! Don’t get me wrong, I know everything will go great (and I’ll be sure to post pictures soon!), I’m just feeling a little rusty.

I’m spending today getting prepared for it – making sure the table cloth for the cake table is cleaned and ironed, picked up the colorful blue ties for the chairs from the rental company this morning, polishing the champagne flutes…very exciting stuff! Perhaps my most important job today is hugging my sweet Maya. She’ll be left in the arms of a babysitter tomorrow for the first time while I’m at the wedding. Do you think she’ll be able to forgive me?