We’re just days away from my absolutely favorite month of the whole year…October! When I lived in the mainland, it was my favorite month because that’s when the leaves started to change, college tailgating was underway (I went to Indiana University and the tailgating was way better than the actual football games!) and you could slip into a brand new pair of jeans and your favorite old sweater and enjoy that cold crisp air! Living in the islands, the jeans, sweaters, tailgating and changing leaves are no longer something I get to enjoy…but October is still my favorite month. The weather does start to change here a little – the days are shorter (it’s completely dark by 6:30pm now) and the evenings are cooler with a soft tradewind. And Halloween…my absolute favorite holiday! I have a new love for Halloween now that I have children…I start to plan their Halloween outfits months in advance (and am having a horrible time deciding on what to put my three year old in – any ideas?) and have been shopping for special items to decorate the house. It’s hard to decorate an island home with “fall” elements, but I do try.

While shopping on Etsy today (where else??), I found these adorable Halloween figures to put around the home:

Wouldn’t the little witch and the little devil make adorable cake toppers for a Halloween cake??? And since Halloween in my faaavorite holiday and weddings are of course another of my great loves, please, please, please email me if you’re interested in a Halloween wedding!!!

And just for those of you that may think I’m off my rocker with a Halloween themed wedding….while looking at this sellers site, I fell in love with this adorable cake topper:

So check out her store, even if little witch brides and devil grooms aren’t your style. =)I just love cake toppers, I think I would need to get married at least 15 times to use all the ones I’ve fallen in love with.

PS In case you’re curious, I do have some submissions for my blog entry contest! I will get those up on the blog by later this week. The entry that receives the most comments will get an Island Bliss tote bag and every entry will get an Island Bliss Wedding pen!