Monthly Archives: September 2008

Wedding tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first official wedding since the birth of my daughter on June 24th. I’ve had a few smaller elopements since her birth, but tomorrow is my first bigger wedding. Oddly enough, I’m a little nervous! I haven’t been nervous about a wedding since I first started in this business almost four years ago. I’m glad my bride & groom have already left for their trip and are enjoying their cruise even as I type…last thing I’m sure they want to hear is that their wedding planner is nervous! Don’t get me wrong, I know everything will go great (and I’ll be sure to post pictures soon!), I’m just feeling a little rusty.

I’m spending today getting prepared for it – making sure the table cloth for the cake table is cleaned and ironed, picked up the colorful blue ties for the chairs from the rental company this morning, polishing the champagne flutes…very exciting stuff! Perhaps my most important job today is hugging my sweet Maya. She’ll be left in the arms of a babysitter tomorrow for the first time while I’m at the wedding. Do you think she’ll be able to forgive me?

Orin Foto

I wanted to share a few of the photos Elisha took for one of my brides this past summer. I just love her work and her website is just beautiful – She does a great job of capturing those tiny details that are so popular these days. Elisha does not currently live on St.Continue Reading

A new look for Island Bliss Weddings!

Check out our newly updated website at We’ve added our new logo and streamlined some of our packages & pricing information. We’ve also added a Book It! page which makes sending your deposit easier. The best new feature was added to our packages. We are now offering a court concierge service which will makeContinue Reading

Ring Pillows!

Ah, lovely ring pillows! I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedding with a ring pillow in the Caribbean…except maybe my own! I had to dig DEEP to find this photo of my ring pillow – I had it saved on my shutterfly account from three years ago. I don’t rememberContinue Reading

Bridesmaid Gifts

For my own wedding I had beach bags personalized with my maids initials and filled with with all kinds of goodies like lip balm, suntan lotion, a bottle of local rum, flip flops, a magazine for the beach, snacks, etc, etc. While I still think it was a fabulous gift, here’s another idea that IContinue Reading

We’re gone…but now we’re back!

I realize I should have posted that we would be going off island for the last two weeks instead of just leaving this blog hanging. Well – now you know, we were gone…but now we are back! Between unpacking two young children, myself & husband, cleaning, laundry, etc. it may be a day or twoContinue Reading

Cake Toppers

When a bride plans a destination wedding, many don’t think of their cake toppers as top priority. Well, I guess when any bride plans her wedding, a cake topper isn’t a top priority! Many destination brides are looking for ways to keep their luggage light and hauling a cake topper with them just doesn’t makeContinue Reading