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Mod Ornaments Holiday Card
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I’m in love with my holiday cards this year! Elisha Orin took these for me back in October. I just love her work and am so happy to capture these moments of my girls.

I’ll be leaving island on December 27th for a trip up to the mainland – my oldest has been asking to see snow this year and so we’re taking a trip in search of the white stuff! I probably won’t get to blog too much while I am gone so I wanted to wish all past, present and future clients a very Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year too! See you in 2011!

52 years and such an honor…

Monday afternoon, on my way to set up for a wedding, I got a phone call from Valerie, telling me she was on the Eurodam, headed for St. Thomas, and wanted to know if she could get married…tomorrow! Turns out, she was really looking for a vow renewal. She had 12 others joining them andContinue Reading

Happy Holidays!

I took my girls to visit Santa on Sunday. The little one is still a bit afraid of the big guy and did not want to sit on his lap. Normally, I am a big fan of the Santa photos with terrified children – but my oldest was doing so well, was so excited toContinue Reading

Caribbean Tourism Organization

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take part in a mini-trade show that the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism was sponsoring for the Caribbean Tourism Organization. I actually took a part of it with the St. Thomas & St. John Wedding Association. It was really a fun way to meet travelContinue Reading

Our First Christmas

I’m taking my little girls up to Indiana this year, shortly after Christmas and through New Years…my oldest has been talking a lot about snow this year and while I had planned to wait until they were both older to visit the white stuff, I decided we could use a vacation from their school vacationContinue Reading

Peterborg Wedding

I hope to share some more photos of this wedding with you – the day started off rainy but was so beautiful by time the ceremony began! I just loved the whispy clouds! The ceremony was held at Villa Jamie, which made it easy for the photographer to zip the couple down to the famousContinue Reading

Sometimes you need a little elbow grease…

I was going through some of the pictures of this wedding last week at Lindquist Beach and just cracked up when I saw the ring photos. A lot of our brides & grooms tend to overindulge a little on the ships (this couple was from the Freedom of the Seas) and well…all that salt &Continue Reading