Monthly Archives: November 2011

Can you believe this was at night?!

These pictures were taken when it was pretty much dark outside.

I felt so bad for this bride & groom! They put so much work into their wedding and then 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start, the skies opened up and it rained for the next hour. Right through sunset. =( We gave them some options…take the ceremony back to their villa, wait for the rain to stop, or hold the ceremony under one of the pavilions at Trunk Bay. We decided to wait for it to stop, but it was pretty dark by time the ceremony started. Many many kudos to Alain Brin of Blue Glass Photography and the magic of him camera for capturing these images with such little natural light!

Safe sealife place card holders

This idea is not new to me, I have seen brides do this before and it’s always really pretty. But what surprised me when I opened up the box that the bride sent me was the fact that these are resin starfish and sand dollars. You may not know this, but real starfish? Smell crazyContinue Reading

Introducing our newest staff member…

My real life new staff member will probably be annoyed that the car got top billing here, but I’m pretty excited about the newest addition to our fleet of cars! It’s a BMW X5 and it’s really fun to drive…although I think the first time I took a couple to the courthouse in it, I’mContinue Reading

A cruise ship PARTY!

It’s not very common, but every once in awhile, we get a group off the cruise ships for like 100 people. It’s wonderful! We often do large weddings, but most cruise ship affairs are a bit smaller, normally less than 30 people. It’s always fun to work with a large group though. This bride &Continue Reading

Busy, busy, but…..

It’s been a crazy week and keeps getting crazier (in a good way of course). I feel like the Energizer Bunny on weeks like this, but I do like to stop and truly appreciate some of the emails I get. For example, this one arrived yesterday and put a smile on my heart: Today isContinue Reading

A record breaking November!

Just a fair warning to my brides, this month is crAAzzy for us! We have a record number of November weddings which means I will be out of the office a lot during the day while I am on location at weddings. My November schedule will look something like this: 5:30am – wake up andContinue Reading