Monthly Archives: December 2011

Have a Safe & Happy New Year’s!

I’ll be celebrating tonight with friends at The Banana Tree Grille at Bluebeard’s Castle, toasting in the New Year watching the fireworks over the harbor! And I’ll be thinking of all my future clients who just may be getting engaged this very night.

See you all in 2012!

She’s my lobster…

It’s finally safe to post this since the Christmas holiday is past! My bride Brooke was married earlier this month at the St. Peter & Paul Cathedral in St. Thomas. She was the cutest little thing: (I’m sure her photographer Sage Crown Parker got a better exit shot that I did!) Brooke surprised her groomContinue Reading

Happy Holidays from Island Bliss Weddings!

Everything Happy Holiday Card Shop hundreds of holiday photo cards at Shutterfly. View the entire collection of cards. No matter what you are celebrating this month, I hope it happy & festive! I will be working “lightly” over the weekend, in between baking cookies & constructing holiday crafts with those two cuties in the aboveContinue Reading

Confirmation Emails

Towards the end of each month, we contact each upcoming bride for the upcoming month with a “confirmation email”. I usually send this out the last week or two of the current month (for instance, brides that are getting married between Jan. 1st and Jan. 10th will get a confirmation email from me within theContinue Reading

FAQ Round-up

In the next few days/weeks, I’ll add a few blog post that will help to answer our most FAQs. I am compiling our most common questions and will publish them on the website as soon as they are done. My last two posts (Your Bridal Bouquet & Aaaaand…Centerpieces!) were both created so that when itContinue Reading


My bridal bouquet post was a big hit! I’m glad everyone found it so helpful. I really needed to get it written. It’s hard to explain how flowers work on a tropical island and I think I’ve written that exact post in emails about 100 times in the past couple of years (sans pictures, whichContinue Reading

Your Bridal Bouquet

I get a lot of questions on the bouquets and I have to admit, the answers are a little confusing. Unlike florists in the mainland, our local florists do not have a local flower market that they can attend and pick out the flowers that they want for their shop (have you ever been toContinue Reading

Something blue…

I just loved these photos taken by Brooke Anthony of our Simple Island Photography team! The photos are pretty but the shoes are fabulous! They deserve a closer look… That’s what I consider something BLUE! Loved them.