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Special touches…

You may have noticed the fans on the chairs in my last post. I took a better picture here, along with the etsy seller that made them (well, her card, not actually HER):

I’ve had brides make things like this on their own, but honestly, I think ordering them it much easier! The white card flipped up for the ceremony program. This seller is Urban Elements – I checked out their etsy site and they have a lot of great beach related items. I love their starfish mason jar:

A lot of times, the company you use for your stationary (invitations) will be able to make programs, seating cards, place cards, menu cards, etc. Its a great way to tie everything together.

The Ultimate Cruise Ship Wedding!

There are a million and one different ways to have a cruise ship wedding. Often times it is just the bride & groom coming off the ship, leaving friends & family at home. Sometimes it is 100 of the bride & grooms closest friends & family joining them in the week long celebration. For thoseContinue Reading

A Vieques Wedding!

My husband and I spent the last five days in Vieques, a small island just south of Puerto Rico (and also a party of the US territory). Vieques is very much different than of the Virgin Islands. It is predominately Spanish/Latino. It is incredibly under developed. One resident called it “St. John….just 30 years ago”.Continue Reading

A maid & her flowers…

The florist and I have recently developed a three tier price for maids flowers. The pricing starts at $30, then $55 and then $75. I know this will create a lot of questions about the differences so what better way to highlight it than a blog post!? A $30 price point is going to beContinue Reading

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Down & Out In Paradise

That’s the super duper strength Mucinex D that you have to have the pharmacist grab for you from behind the counter. And a strong bottle of antibiotics. It’s all working to fight this massive head cold and ear infection I brought back with me from the mainland. Booooo! I hate being sick and it almostContinue Reading

Wine Box Ceremony

I’m sure everyone knows what the unity candle is and many of you know about the sand ceremony (a unity candle for the beach in essence) but I don’t know if everyone is as familiar with the wine ceremony? This is where the bride & groom box up a bottle of wine with love lettersContinue Reading

More photos to share!

Just a reminder that I am off island will have limited email access over the weekend. I will return to St. Thomas (and a normal schedule – yay!) on Monday.  Thanks to Jennifer & Owen for sharing their wedding photos with me! Their ceremony & reception was held at Secret Harbor Beach Resort this pastContinue Reading

Photo shares!

I love when a bride sends me photos from her wedding day, especially when she has brought her own photographer from home. It’s nice to see a wedding through an unfamiliar photographers perspective. Thanks Ally for sharing these photos with me! And thank you Peirce Photography for allowing us to share the images. Ally wasContinue Reading