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A few random photos for a rainy Monday…

This bride liked my blog post of the seahorse tote bags and decided instead of filling up their welcome bags, they would be rolled up and had the guests place settings attached to them. Know what was really cool about these tote bags? She had one for each guest from Cafe Press that reflected their personality or a funny story from their past together. Guests had an awesome time untying their totes and showing each other what they had.

This guy was hanging out by a tree next to the reception – by the end of the reception, he had eaten all the pink flowers!

Guests stamped out a congratulations to the bride & groom – the bride was greeted with this as she made her way down the stairs to the beach…

I love Caribbean Rum Balls for welcome bags…

And all these other fun goodies…but see that bag of chips? Do not send those in advance – we can get them so much cheaper for you here! I noticed the bride spent close to $40 in express shipping just for a small box of chips! Yikes!

This is why I say not to send sunscreen in advance – she got very lucky that it didn’t explode more than it did (you will not have a happy wedding planner on your hands if I’m washing sunscreen off all your goodies!).

Our new chalkboard sign to “warn” guests that there is rum in the punch…you have no idea how many toddlers I see parents almost give their first rum drink to!

An Indiana Wedding…

As all of my clients and Facebook fans know, I was off island for about a week at the end of May. I often go up to Indiana to visit family & Target (yes, I very much miss Target) but I rarely go at the busiest time of the year for us here in theContinue Reading

Shepherd Hooks

I’ve seen a few island weddings that incorporate shepherd hooks for the ceremony – usually with a hanging jar either filled with candles (not always the best idea for a beach wedding) or flowers. I’ve also seen them with pompador flowers, which is always pretty. But in all my years of wedding planning, I canContinue Reading

Sand Dollar Estate Wedding

We do a lot of weddings at Sand Dollar Estate. It’s a wonderful venue, has it’s own beach (which is not always there, depending on the water level), and two great decks for dancing & dinner. I always love it when brides bring a photographer with them from the mainland…it’s very interesting to see anContinue Reading

A note on name cards….

Hello all! Just a quick blog entry while I’m thinking about this particular topic. A few weeks ago, I posted a link to an Etsy seller on my Facebook page with a picture of an adorable name card holder. Did you miss it? If so, here it is! These are by Gallery360 – I thinkContinue Reading

Operation Lemonade 2011

About this time last year, I had a bride that decided to forgo favors for a lemonade stand. Not just any lemonade stand, but one that supported Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. We set up the entry to Villa Botanica so that as guests entered, they could have a nice cup of lemonade before making theirContinue Reading